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There’s no shame in starting over when you’ve helped lay the foundation for great things.

I created FundHer to help other women start & run their own successful businesses and for over 5 years, I've enjoyed giving others the help I wished I'd received - with no strings attached. 

In hindsight, I made the fatal flaw of relying on hope as a strategy - primarily because it was tough to create a sustainable business model when I refused to charge aspiring entrepreneurs for anything.

I saw too many organizations offering 'help' that came with large price tags. For me, because these women needed the most help, I didn't want money to be the reason they didn't pursue their dreams.

 I'd hoped by doing good things, good things would happen. And in truth, they did - for so many other women.

​There's regret in re-learning a basic business lessons the hard way. Giving away the advice, insights, connections, money and whatever else I could offer other women has left me cash poor.

Being broke is one thing. Being broken is quite another - which is where I seem to be stuck. So I'm DOING SOMETHING. I'm selling the assets I've accumulated over the last 5 years to self-fund my next chapter.